Have you ever

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started a project and in the middle of it (or even 2 seconds after you started it) you say to yourself, "I AM NEVER EVER DOING THAT AGAIN!"

As for myself, I have done that several times.  My mom's latest I am never ever doing that project again is this

Tn_IMG_1224 copy
As we reported earlier this year my mom and dad are building a new house.  It has been a fun and long process for them but I think the worst project for my mom has been the brick wall that she is working on.  A few years ago, we refurbished an old house to host scrapbook retreats and  we called it the Sweetwater House.  At the Sweetwater House we bricked one wall by using a guide system that they recommended when we purchased the bricks – it was easy peasy!  So when it came time to put up the brick at my mom's house she decided she was going to save some money and not buy the easy peasy guide system.  Ooops!  Wrong decision!  With no easy peasy guide system she didn't know where exactly to place the bricks and she ended up having to make her own little system.  The bricks are all up now and the mortar is slooooooowly going in.  I have offered to help but she told me – "This is a one person job we would just be in each other's way."  I was so sad (NOT REALLY!) when she told me that!  Hopefully this weekend it will be finished! 

The house isn't complete but I wanted to share a few of my favorite things –

The lights –

Tn_IMG_1232 copy
Tn_IMG_1229 copy
My daughter doesn't approve of this second light fixture.  We were over there the other day and she whispers to me, "That looks like a bird cage!"

I also love this bathroom tile floor

Tn_IMG_1237 copy

Lastly here is a picture of Bob (Bob the Builder) the general contractor.  I was at the house this morning and he asked be what I was doing and I told him just taking pictures so he did a little pose for me but when I got my camera out he started running away so this is all I got –

Tn_IMG_1233 copy

Have a great weekend and wish my mom luck on her brick!!  I promise to show more photos of the house in the coming month!