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As many of you know, the fair is our most favorite time of the year.  So, we are extra excited about today. We get to relive the fair again the moda blog hop way! 


We are a 4-H family and have many fond memories of the fair.  First off the projects! We would spend countless hours completing our projects usually  the night before they were due!  Yes procrastinators we were (and still are!)

They were just lovely little outfits that we created ( I am sure my daughter is just waiting for me to ask her if she wants to borrow them! ha ha)

Pleated pants (not only in the front but the back too) and tapered !

Polyester dresses!

Tn_IMG_0982 copy 
This one is the one my sister was most proud of!  I can still remember her smile from ear to ear after she had completed all of the pleats on the front of her teal wool dress. 

A few months ago we did an entire blog related to out past very fashionable 4-H projects.  If you want a good laugh, you can check it out here.

We were enrolled in sewing, foods, and did a few knitting projects but our love was in the livestock barn.  Our love of the livestock is still growing strong and has been handed down to our kids.  My daughter Jordan is the only one old enough to show but the others are anxiously waiting.


Now when Moda announced that they were having a blog hop centered around the county fair we were excited. They said we were to come up with a project county fair-ish.  My sister and I automatically start thinking livestock.  What kind of project could we come up that would be useful at the fair?  I got it

Sheep Blankets –
Tn_IMG_1308 copy 
NO! They said.  How about goat blankets???????
Tn_IMG_1312 copy 
NO! to that one as well.  What should we do???????  How about a kitchen towel everyone needs a kitchen towel.
Tn_IMG_1008 copy 
I agree this is much better than the sheep or goat blanket pattern.

Here were are at quilt market talking about our project for the blog hop

The pattern for the towel will be shown at the end of this post.  If you are wanting to make a kitchen towel like the one shown we will have kits available on our etsy site.

A fair isn't a fair without food, right???  When we were growing up, I remember the full course meals that we used to eat at the fair.  We didn't buy them at the concession stand either.  My mom would work her little tail off cooking us up fried chicken, cabbage pockets, pie, all sorts of homeade goodness.  After we were done showing  our livestock for the day we would all gather around and enjoy the feast!  Only to do it all again the next day.  Boy have times changed.  Sorry kiddos, it is chilli fritos and pork burgers at the concession stand for you!  But we do all love them!  Who wouldn't like this –

And then comes our other favorite food at the fair –

69980 Pork Burgers served every year at the pig show.  I should have planned a little better and would have had a photo of them!


Karla  – said chocolate!!!!!

Lisa – The Bachelor
i think she has a secret crush on Brad Womack (Just Teasing!)

Susan – Potatoes!!!!!
Tn_IMG_0999 copy 

What's On Our Bucket List

Karla – To travel to Martha's Vineyard

Lisa – To own a house like this
Tn_IMG_1009 copy 


Susan – To help my kids to win the pig show at (the lamb, goat, or steer show would be fine too!)

What inspires your work?
We all 3 agree on this one – shopping!!!!


Do you want to win some pre-cuts of Hometown? Thanks to Moda!!!!
Leave us a comment about your favorite thing about the fair either the moda blog hop fair or your local fair.  We will randomly select 3 winners.  You have until October 3rd! 

Finished Size:  16 1/2" x 20 1/2"

What You Need:
Canvas Twill – 18" x 22"
Ruffle – 3 Prints 2 1/2" x 36" each
3/8" wide cotton twill tape – 1 1/2 yard

1.  Cut Canvas Twill fabric 18" x 22"
Tn_IMG_0996 copy 
Ruffles – 2 1/2" x 36"
Tn_IMG_0997 copy 

2.  On one long side of each ruffle turn under 1/4" and press.
3.  Turn again 1/4" and press.
4.  Machine topstitch the hem in place.
Tn_IMG_1001 copy 
5.  On the other long side sew a gathering stitch close to the raw edge.
(set your stitch length to the longest stitch)
6.  Sew another gathering stitch close to the first row of stitches.
Tn_IMG_1004 copy 
7.  Pull up the threads to gather the raw edge.
8.  Your ruffle will need to measure 18" across.
Ruffle Placement
9.  Pin the bottom hemmed edge of the bottom ruffle to the towel positioned 1" from the raw edge of the towel.
Tn_IMG_1011 copy 
10.  Place the twill tape over the raw edges of the ruffle and topstitch close to each side of the twill tape.  The raw edges of the ruffle will be under the twill tape and will not show.
Tn_IMG_1013 copy 
11.  Position the hemmed edge of the middle ruffle 1" from the bottom ruffle.
12.  Sew the twill tape over the raw edges of the ruffle.
13.  Position the hemmed edge of the top ruffle 1" from the middle ruffle.
14.  Sew the twill tape over the raw edge of the ruffle. 
Tn_IMG_1017 copy 
Side&Bottom Hems
15.  Turn under the sides and bottom edges of the towel 1/4" and press.
16.  Turn under again and press.
17.  Miter the corners.
18.  Topstitch close to the turned under edges.
Tn_IMG_1014 copy 

Don't forget to visit Kaari Meng with French General tomorrow for the next edition of the blog hop! And if you havn't already done so visit Kate Spain.  You have to check out her pumpkin picture and her project is adorable!!!

P.S. We have a limited supply of the fabric kits to make the ruffle kitchen towel on our etsy site.