The fair has begun!!!

In Life by Lisa Burnett

Yes, the Morgan County Fair has begun.  It started on Monday with the Fashion Revue and then today was interview judging.  This is my little girl's first year so I just had to show you what she made for her sewing project.  First off we had to choose the fabric.  I had seen a line of Amy Butler's fabric that I just fell in love with and thought would make some really cute skirts.  Now, I have worked with my daughter enough to know that if I suggest something she will totally choose the opposite.  So, most of the time I do not say a word thinking that maybe just maybe she might like the same thing as me.  This time it worked because this is the fabric –


and here is what she made –


My mom graciously offered to help her with her project which I was soooooo thankful for.  She definitely works better with her grandmother than me.  But, I can remember when I was in 4-H working with my mom it wasn't so pretty some of the times so I can understand! We won't find out how she did with her skirt until a couple of days. The most exciting part of the fair (for me, anyway) is yet to come – the pig, lamb, steer, and goat shows. 

On a side note – it is colder than blazes here today, what is going on?????

posted by Susan