Our Logo Contest Winner + A New Baby Quilt

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Thought you would like to see the logo our contest winner, Barbara chose for her company:


and here it is in her chosen color of green:


She wanted a clean, graphic and modern look.  I think it turned out terrific and can't wait to see it on her site.

I mentioned before in an earlier post that Barbara was doing a special project for premature babies.  Her niece, Gracie, was born 4 weeks early and spent time in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit. The Gracie Jane project is donating mini quilts to the babies in the NICU units in Ontario.  

This project has a special connection for me because my son was born almost 10 weeks early and spend 2 months in the NICU unit.  What a wonderful gift a handmade quilt would be!  Even though you can't tell, premature babies can feel that they are loved and cared for- and it makes a huge difference in their progress.  Here is Cash the day he was born:



And here he is today, 17 months and 24 pounds later:


Unfortunately, not all the babies have such a happy ending.  Not only are they fighting for their lives, they have a much greater chance of having medical and developmental challenges in the future.

All the tubes and wires attached to him were scary- but I would have loved for him to lay his head down on a beautiful quilt- and to be able to take the quilt home would be incredibly special.

So after I told my mom about the GracieJane project, she immediately began thinking about what kind of quilt she would make to donate.  She isn't quite finished, but here is a start:

Tn_IMG_5368 copy  

She used fabric from Camille and Bonnie and also Joanna from Fig Tree.

If you can help with the GracieJane project, I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated.  Barbara isn't asking for finished quilts (although I'm sure she would love them), only scraps of fabric that would go into making the quilts.  The babies are so tiny the quilts don't need to be very big.  If you are interested in participating, please visit the GracieJane site.

Have a wonderful weekend!

posted by Lisa