The definition of a Mother

In Design by Lisa Burnett

The definition of a mother (according to the dictionary) -

1.  A female person who is pregnant with or gives birth to a child  2.  Maternal love and tenderness  3.  A woman who raises a child

What do you think a child's definition of a mother is???

I am thinking my children would say – someone who cooks for me, drives me around, makes me clean up my messes, and I am hoping they would say someone who loves me!!  I am going to have to ask them this question when they get home from school – curious to see what they would say!

In honor of the ones who made us clean up our messes, wiped our tears, checked for monsters in the closet, read to us, and most importantly loved us we have Day#2 for gift ideas for Mother's Day –

Tn_IMG_0779 copy
The kit for these coffee wraps includes the fabric, velcro, the four labels shown above, and the pattern.

Tn_IMG_0780 copy
Tn_IMG_0782 copy
Tn_IMG_0783 copy
Think how cute these would be if you are hosting a mother's day get together!

They can be found here .

What do you think the best definition of a mother is?????