Mother’s Day……….

In Design by Lisa Burnett

Mother's Day is sneaking up on us and I ask my sister the same question every year, "What are you getting mom for Mother's Day?"  She replies, "I don't know what are you getting her?"  Neither one of us ever know what to get her or we don't want to tell the other one what we are getting her because we don't want the other person to out-do the gift we already got!! (Kinda silly -huh?)

We are here to help you with your Mother's Day gift ideas.  Throughout this week we will have ideas and kits that can be purchased on Etsy to create a wonderful Mother's Day gift!

Day 1 – Reversible Canvas Bag

Tn_IMG_0753 copy
See same bag, just turned inside out!

Tn_IMG_0754 copy 
 The kit comes in either blue

Tn_IMG_0759 copy
or green

Tn_IMG_0762 copy
You can find these kits here! 

Now, I still have the dilema of what to get my mom – Do you think it would be too tacky to give her one of these bags she just made????