The Big Day & Our Contest Winner

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We had a great fourth. My sister's family didn't have a spare moment.  After feeding the pigs, lambs and goats, they rushed to town for the annual pancake breakfast, followed by the town parade.  We have been going to the parade in Brush, Colorado for at least 35 years.  We even have our special "corner" where we lay out a blanket and wait for the candy to come our way.  

After the parade, a huge family picnic with lots and lots of yummy food.  There is usually a water fight after we eat.  Unfortunately, it was way too cold for that this year.

The highlight of the day was Bryce riding a sheep in the Mutton Bustin' competition at the rodeo. 






His sheep was definitely a jumper, but he held on tight until she finally rolled him off.  He had a lot of fun and is so proud of his trophy.

Cash got his first taste of corn on the cob. Yum!


Jordan looked so cute in her cowgirl hat (even though she hates pink!).


We stayed for the rest of the rodeo, which could also be renamed the water olympics.



It rained for hours.  Luckily, it stopped right before the big fireworks show.

It was a great day.  Hopefully, yours was just as fun!

And now for the winner of our Moda bag……

Lizzie who wrote:

My favorite story about the 4th of July is my favorite memory of my mother. My step fathers birthday is July 3rd so we celebrated the two holidays together. She always spent the 3rd making a special cake. a multi layed cherry Kirch from scratch cake. It was like watching Julia Child. A little bit of Kirch for the cake and a little bit of Kirch for her. All fun all day long, whipping cream and soaked cherries in Kirch. It was a grand day to remember. I miss those happy times.

Congratulations, Lizzie.  Please e-mail us at to claim your prize.

Everyone else, check back tomorrow as we announce our next contest!

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