Stars of Glory

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

Sometimes I hate computers.  Hate is a strong word.  So I will say sometimes I strongly dislike computers.  That’s what I’ve been saying for the last week.  My laptop, which has my entire life on it, went down exactly seven days ago.  Tonight I finally got it back.   And we’re best friends again.  At least until the next time it fails.

Anyway, seven days ago, I planned on showing you this quilt.  And then, poof.  Everything I needed to show you the quilt was, of course, on my laptop.  So better late than never.  Except….for the last few days my internet has been a disaster.  In and out (mostly out).  So, until someone comes to fix it, I might get a good 5-10 minutes each hour to try to cram everything I need to get done on the internet.

So…..finally, here is the quilt I want to show you.  It is called “Stars of Glory, and it features our new collection (out in December) called Freedom.





Here’s the digital version:


“Stars of Glory” has a past.  My mom actually designed the pattern  years ago.  It came in a booklet that was called “Stars of Glory”.  I’m looking for that booklet- I’m sure we have one somewhere.  When I find it, I will take a picture of the cover and show you.  It was one of the best selling patterns we have ever had, so we thought the perfect time to bring it back would be with our Freedom collection.

We are taking pre-orders for this quilt kit.  For more information or to order, click here.  You only have a few days- until August 28th- to reserve your kit.  The timing wasn’t supposed to be so short, but sometimes computers just don’t cooperate.

Have a great Tuesday!