Snacks, Snacks, Snacks

In Cooking, Life by Lisa Burnett

We (me and my kids) just got done slaving away (not really) over this scrumptious treat called Puppy Chow People Food.  Here they are  –


Happily making the snack


Until the peanut butter wouldn't come out of the cup –


Then they started arguing about who could get it out!  I really think we needed the wonder cup from Pampered Chef - it is a really cool measuring cup.  Anyway, they got it made and it tastes just yummy!


Speaking of yummy – you have just got to try this snack.  Peanuts and gumdrops, that's it.  Just peanuts and gumdrops.  I usually like to use the spanish peanuts but I couldn't find any at the store this morning so I used the party peanuts.  Kind of a wierd combination but as a kid we always had these two mixed up together for a fun snack!



I am sure many of you have the recipe for Puppy Chow People Food but for those of you who don't here it is.  We are offering all of the recipes that we share on our blog as a downloadable PDF file.  To download the recipe click here. I know that you don't need the recipe for gumdrops and peanuts but I am including it so that you won't forget about it.

The kids think the snacks were great! They tended to lick their fingers when making this snack. Don't worry if any of you ever come over to eat, I will make sure they don't do that!


posted by Susan