It’s Summer Time!!!

In Life by Lisa Burnett

Or is it??????? Here in the northeastern plains of the great state of Colorado it has been a rather cool start to summer.  This is what we have been seeing practically every day –


But, I am not going to complain because we definitely need the moisture and we will take it anytime we can get it.  The only problem is the kids are out of school and they really like to go swimming – but I say it is too cold.  When I was growing up my mom always said, "It has to be at least 95 degrees to go swimming!" Well, we have not hit that temperature yet and it is not forecasted any time soon.  So – what to do with the kids??  I hear the following phrase at least twice a day from both of my children, "I'm bored!!".  I have created a little scavenger hunt to help relieve the boredom.  I made these cute little cards that give clues as to where the next card can be found.  There are 8 different cards and then the last card gives a clue to where they can find a bucket of goodies to play with for hours, and hours, and hours, and hours! (Don't worry we are giving you a free PDF download to help you make the cards!)

Here are the cards that I made -                                                                             


and some of the places that I put them –



and finally the prize!


So now all you have to do is:

1.  Download this pdf file (it's free!)

2.  Print, Cut, and Place clues on the cards.

3.  Hide cards in the right places

4.  Get your kids and go have fun!

(Don't forget to get some fun things to put in a bucket for the end of the hunt!)

See you tomorrow – we will be sharing a fun recipe to make with the kids!