Our Hometown Quilts… (win the patterns!)

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Colorado.  Today is back to the same dreary and extremely windy spring we are having (just like every other spring).  But yesterday was perfect- 72 degrees, sunny and no wind!  So off we went to old town in Fort Collins to photograph our new Hometown quilts.  We specifically wanted to go to one of the cutest fabric stores I've ever been to.  If you live in Colorado or Wyoming, you need to get to Mama Said Sew.   It is totally my style-  fresh, clean and simple.

Tn_mama sign 2 

Even the sign on the sidewald is super cute:

Tn_mama sign 

The outside and entrance of the store made the perfect backdrop for the quilts.  We have 6 new patterns for hometown (plus a bag pattern we will get to next week). 

The first is called Intersection:

Tn_intersection 8 12 


The next is called Lighthouse:



Here is our new table runner called "City Block":

Tn_table runner 

Words such as "Main Street",  "Coffee Shop" and "Park" are embroidered on the borders.

Tn_table mat2 

The next quilt is called "The Neighborhood":


Next is our table/floor mat called "Townhouse":

Tn_table mat 
Finally, my favorite.  It's called "Yacht Club":

Tn_yacht club 8 10 
Tn_yacht club2 12 12 

The patterns should be available in a few weeks.

Now for the contest.  Just leave us a message letting us know your favorite "Hometown" quilt.  The winner will receive all 6 of the new patterns.  See you next week!