15 Days….

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If your name is David and you wrote this:

When we bought our home, the biggest selling point for me was the warmth and light that came into the stairwell. "Stairwell??" you ask? Crazy … I know. So I think the Hometown Bunting Print would showcase well there. The other perk is that we would get to see it quite frequently!

Then you have just won this:


Of course, we will customize it with your hometown.  Just e-mail us at info@sweetwaterscrapbook.com to claim your prize (make sure you include your mailing address and the hometown of your choice).

Congratulations, David, and thank you to all who entered the giveaway.

Now, about those 15 days.  There are 15 days until we leave for Quilt Market.  That makes me excited but also gives me a pit in my stomach.  I think we have been to over 50 major trade shows (Quilt Markets and CHAs + a whole bunch of other shows), but for some reason we always seem to be putting things together at the last minute.  For example, our catalog.  Our quilts aren't done, pictures haven't been taken, so that means, just like the last 36 times, we will be shipping them to our hotel.   

And then there is our booth.  We always want a 30' x 30' booth to fit into a 10' x 10' space.  We think we have it planned out, but we never have enough room once we get there.   This is our idea.  We want to make a "Hometown" scene to go with our "Hometown" fabric.   We are trying to make a main street with shops and have started with old doors and windows to attach "awnings" to make them look like a storefront.  Now, keep in mind, we have a long way to go, but at least it's a start!


Keep in mind that this idea will change about 15,000 times before we get what we want.  We will let you know what it actually turns out to be!