OK – I Failed!!

In Life by Lisa Burnett

Again!  If you recall from a previous post on June 22nd I was just smug as a bug with my flowers and the new watering system – Here is the post as a little refresher.

Before I tell you what happened I will tell you a little bit about the area where we live.  It is DRY, DRY, DRY, not as DRY as a desert but it is DRY.  I think our annual precipitation is around 12 inches.  Therefore if you want anything to grow (except weeds) you have to water it.  Well, the last few weeks around here have been wet, wet, wet and we have had 4 inches of rain in July.  Our lawn was turning yellow from too much water so off went the sprinkler system.  Guess what else was shut off??? Yep the water to the flowers –

Tn_IMG_0338 copy 
Didn't even think about them!  They are up against the front of the house and were not getting any rain. We always go out the back door so I hadn't seen them in a couple of days.  Well, I happened to walk by them the other day and ooooppppppsssss!  I did it again just like every other year – killed my flowers.  Better Luck Next Year!

On to business!  Last week we posted our Book Giveaway and the winner of the book is:

Samantha G who wrote - 

Anne of Green Gables.
Hands down best book of my childhood. I'm sure if she were real she'd be a great quilter!

E-mail us info@sweetwaterscrapbook.com  and let us know your mailing address and we will send it out when it becomes available.

A little preview for what we have in store next week  –

Remember this Sewing Subway Art?  We have some new Subway Art pictures featuring quilt blocks that we are excited to show you – Next Week.  See you then!