New Subway Art…

In Design, Quilting by Lisa Burnett

Last week my sister promised we would have some new quilting subway art in our shop.  We did have it started, but not nearly done!  I wasn't aware of the post until I read our blog a couple of days later- which made me get in gear and actually finish it (there's nothing like announcing something to the world to motivate you).  I thought we would probably have it done on Friday, but to my surprise, we finished today! 

We designed the print around classic quilt squares.  We have one in black and white:


And one using our Hometown colors:


They are on our Etsy site now.

I hope everyone is having a great summer- sometime we will catch up on our blog and actually tell you what we've been up to.  Right now, I have 2 anxious kids who want to go swimming- so off we go!  Have a happy Tuesday.