More Project Sweetwater!!!

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

Well, actually, we don’t have more First Crush Project Sweetwater boxes, but we are planning two more boxes- one for Volume II and another for The Cookie Exchange!  I know a lot of you were frustrated because the First Crush boxes sold out so quickly.  We are trying a new system, and hopefully everyone who wants a box will get a chance to get one.  You now will be able to pre-order the boxes.  Here are the details:

  • You can choose either Volume II, Cookie Exchange or you can get both boxes.
  • The Volume II box will ship in early April, while The Cookie Exchange box will ship in early June.
  • The total cost of each box is $49.95 (plus shipping).  For each box that is preordered, you will pay $10 now and the balance (39.95 plus shipping) at the time of shipping (either April or June, depending on which box you select).
  • THE PREORDER TIME PERIOD IS VERY SHORT!   For Volume II, you only have until this Friday, January 22.  For The Cookie Exchange, you have a little bit longer- until February 1.  
  • We may have some kits left when we ship, but the only way to guarantee that you will get one is to preorder before the deadline dates above.
  • We are still working on the projects for both boxes, so we don’t have photos.  However, the box contents will be very similar to the contents from our first box featuring First Crush.  The retail value will be between $95-$100, and the cost is $49.95.  The box will include several projects and include patterns, fabric and embellishments to make those projects.

Because we don’t have project photos, here is just a reminder of the two fabric collections.  Volume II:






Here is The Cookie Exchange:






One more thing- last week when we put up our First Crush boxes, we had such a rush and high volume to our site, that it actually went down.  Our site only allows a certain number of people checking out at one time.  The server company tells me that feature is for security reasons.  I don’t understand it all, but I know that when we were below the limit of check-outs, everything worked fine.  So just a warning- if you are having trouble, please be patient. You have several days, so there shouldn’t be a problem.  We are so much better a fabric design than website design, but hopefully we don’t have the same problems as last week!

For more info and to order the boxes, click here.

Please remember the deadline to preorder Project Sweetwater- Volume II is January 22 (this Friday), and the deadline for Project Sweetwater- The Cookie Exchange is February 1st.  Also, if you wanted to order the Cookie Exchange “Home for Christmas” quilt, the deadline is also February 1st.  


Have a great day!