I Missed It…

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You may remember that last year in March the fun people at fatquarterly.com came up with what I thought was a brilliant idea:  March Madness for fabric.  Mostly because I love, love, love sports (if you have been reading this blog for a while, you get that).  And what could be better than combining fabric with sports?  So I was all over it.  Last year I blogged about it- even my most favorite fabric collection, Sunkissed made it to the final four (I think, anyway).

Which brings me to this year.  A few weeks ago, when the real basketball March Madness began, I sort of thought about that fatquarterly contest from last year.  A while ago, I had heard just a few bits and pieces about problems that arose from the contest, and for some reason I assumed they weren't doing it again, expecially since I hadn't heard anything about it.

Bad assumption.  Maybe I should have checked the blog.  Yep, they had it alright.  And I missed the whole thing.  Well, not the whole thing. The finals are going on now- check it out here and vote for either Bonnie and Camille's Ruby or Echo by Lotta Jansdotter.  Love both of those.  I'm just an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny bit upset that I didn't know about it.  Which is totally all my fault.   Not because we didn't win- but just because I didn't even keep up with it and check things out.   They start out with 64 fabric collections.  Sixty-four.  That's a lot.  My cluttered brain couldn't even come up with four.  But I love looking at all of them.  And reading the names of the collections.  I think that is super interesting.   There are so many different,  wonderful collections out there- one to suit every style.  Because we all have a different style- we may have different likes, dislikes and tastes, but I sure appreciate the variety of fabric that is offered in our industry.   

And that is why I so enjoy fatqurterly.com's March Madness.  And because I'm a super-duper, ultra competitive, don't like to lose anything kind of person.  So, truth be told, when I found out they actually did hold the contest, I rushed right over there to see if we were even in the contest.  And we were. Well, actually, Reunion and Hometown were in the contest.  And I was proud of our Hometown.  It made the "elite eight", which is totally cool.  So, for everyone who voted for us when I didn't even ask, beg or promise you my next child, thank you.  You would be surprised how much joy I get out of doing well at games.  Just ask my brother.  I clobber him at "Words With Friends" daily.   

Ok. I'm done.  But next year, I'm definitely looking at the blog.  

On to something else.  We are so excited about next week.  My mom and I will be going to the Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe in Portland!  They are holding a very exciting event on April 14 called SPRUNG.  If you are anywhere near Portland, please, please, please come see us.  For more information on the event, click here.

We will be teaching a couple of classes- we aren't supposed to let you know exactly what we are doing, but we can give you a couple of peeks:


We will show you the full projects when we get home.  

One last thing.  Our Label Crew kits went out earlier this week- the fabric kits are now available on our Etsy site!  


Have a great Tuesday!