In Life by Lisa Burnett


When I was little I wanted dimples in the worst way.  My sister has dimples.  I'm not talking a slight, barely noticeable dimples.  I'm talking D I M P L E S.  She got more attention from those darn dimples in one trip to the grocery store than I did my entire childhood.  Okay, I'm exaggerating that. But really, when she smiled, she was the star of the show.  I readily admit I was jealous of those things.  So jealous, that at about 6 years old, I had a plan.  I stuck my finger in the side of my cheek and placed tape over that spot, trying to keep the indentation.  I honestly thought I could "train" my face into dimples.  When that didn't work, although disappointed, I got over it.

So, there was no surprise when her kids were born they had dimples.  They certainly are not as pronounced as their mother's, but they are definitely there:


So, when I was pregnant, I secretly wished my baby would have dimples, too.  Not that I would adore him any less if he didn't have them.  Just a little wish. 

I forgot all about the dimples when he was born way too early at 3 pounds.  But the day after he was born, I was watching him in the hospital, connected to wires and tubes when his face twitched (I was sure it was a smile- the nurse told me it was just a twitch) and there it was.  On his right cheek I spotted a dimple.  I have no idea why that made me so happy in that moment.  It was just a dimple.  But it was the dimple I wanted so badly when I was 6. 


We were taking these pictures last week before the kids went back to school.  I wanted a picture with all three of them showing their dimples, but I guess I will have to try again.  After about 5 minutes, they just wanted to be silly.


On a quilting note- we have exciting news.  Our next collection (after Hometown) arrived this week!  We are in the process of photographing the fabric, and we will give you a peek at it in the next few days!