Day One!!!

In 12 Days of Christmas, Quilting by Lisa Burnett

It’s time for our annual “12 Days of Christmas” event!  I am just taking a deep breath because this is definitely the craziest time of the year here.  By starting today, we will finish right before the week of Thanksgiving.  Which will make me very thankful!


This year, the first day’s project isn’t actually about Christmas.  But it would make the best Christmas gift ever- for someone you love, or most importantly, for yourself!  Here is what you need to know:

  • The “blocks” are embroidered.  If you haven’t tried embroidery, don’t worry!  It easy, fun and we will give you great instructions.
  • You can embroider as much or as little as you want on each block- it is totally up to you!
  • You will receive 2 blocks per month, starting in December.  Perfect for gift giving.  You can wrap up the first two blocks with the pattern (it is included with the first month’s shipment) and put it under the tree. Then your special someone (yourself) will get two blocks each month, for a total of 12.  It’s the gift that keeps giving!
  • The listing is for the printed embroidery blocks only.  It does not include the additional “Feed Company” fabric needed to finish the quilt.  However, you have the option to add that when you order.  You also have the option to include the quilt backing.
  • While we will always have the printed embroidery blocks available, the Feed Company fabric will not always be available.  Therefore, if you want the fabric, you must let us know when placing your order for the BOM.  We need to know by November 20- so that is the deadline to sign up!
  • Keep in mind you don’t have to order the fabric to get the BOM.  The quilt has a very simple  color palette- black, red and cream.  Many low volume prints would look great.  However, The Feed Company would look best.  Because, you know, it is my favorite!
  • Because the Feed Company fabric won’t be here until March, we won’t ship the fabric for the quilt (if you order it) until then (obviously).  But the good news is that you will have almost all your blocks finished and be ready to put the quilt together when you get the fabric.
  • The best, best, super best part?  (Yes I know that isn’t gramatically correct).  We will personalize one block for you.  You can have your last name, city and state on your very own block.  Which will go on your very own quilt!

Here are some photos of the quilt:





Here is the block that can be customized.  Unless you really want “Sweetwater” printed on the block.





My favorite block is this one.  But if you aren’t “American Made”, don’t worry!  We will switch that one out for you.





 Sorry this subscritption is sold out!


Please note that all of our “12 Days of Christmas” projects can also be purchased on our Etsy site.  Except this one.  Etsy doesn’t know how to do subscriptions.

Also keep in mind that the deadline to sign up for this is in just a couple of weeks- November 20th.

Come back tomorrow to see an actual Christmas project.  It looks like Christmas.  It’s for Christmas.  It’s definitely Christmas.  And super cute!