Day Four

In 12 Days of Christmas by Lisa Burnett

We are already on Day Four!

Today we are featuring 3 new art prints.  These are my favorite gifts to give when I have no idea what to give!  Like for neighbors, teachers, relatives.  They also make great hostess gifts.

They can be personalized or left blank.






The prints come in either 8″ x 10″ or 16″ x 20″.  They can be found here, or on our Etsy site here.

Now we couldn’t just design those cute images and have nothing to sew!  Every year, one of our most popular items is a kitchen towel.  Look how cute these labels look on this year’s!



You can also choose the two other labels:




These, too, can be personalized or left blank.  They can be found here and on Etsy here.  The towel kit is sold separately from the labels and pattern- that way you can choose which label you would like, or make the towel without the label.  Plus, the labels can be used for lots of things- they would be adorable as gift tags!

Many of you are in the deep freeze, just like us.  Hang in there, it sounds like it might be at least a week until we thaw out.  By the way, my furnace went out in the middle of the night last night.  Nice timing!  I’m crossing my fingers it will be fiexed by the time I get home!

See you tomorrow.  As long as I’m not frozen.