Day Five

In 12 Days of Christmas by Lisa Burnett

Sorry I’m so late.  If you follow us on Instagram, you know I have no heat.  And no, I still don’t have heat.  But hopefully soon!

Today is for all you snowman lovers.  We made a bunting out of them!




The fabric kit includes enough to make the three as pictured.  But I just had an idea.  Wouldn’t those make the cutest countdown/advent project ever!  All you need is 25 snowmen (which would be 7 fabric kits) and a sheet of our countdown numbers and you have it!  I don’t have a photo of what it would look like (because I just thought of it), but here is what the numbers look like:

numbers2 numbers


Those numbers would fit perfectly on the heart pocket.  I might just have to make that when I get some time.  If any of you decide to do that, be sure to send a photo!

Just click on the images of the numbers for more information.  To get the snowmen, click here.  If you prefer Etsy, click here.

I’m sorry this is such a short post!  My fingers are cold!  See you tomorrow!