Day #2- Get Organized!

In Decorating, Quilting by Lisa Burnett

Tn_basket label1

Today, we focus on your living space.  These tags can be attached to almost any basket or box.  Even your kids might (I said might) clean up their stuff with these colorful tags.  The kit includes the fabric, canvas, labels and instructions to make 6 tags.  Of course, you can customized the labels to say whatever you wish.  You may just want to get a tag for each of your kids- that way they can keep their homework, toys or shoes organized.  Check them out on our Etsy site. Some more pictures:

Tn_basket label2
Tn_basket label3
Tn_basket label4

Oh- almost forgot.  Some of you asked about the baby food jars from yesterday.  They are Gerber's and the lids were just painted black.  Hope that helps!