Day 11

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Happy Monday!  There is soooo much going on here today.  First of all, it's Monday.  Which is always our busiest day here.  Secondly, we know many of you are waiting for our next post of our 12 Days of Christmas.  We will get to that.  But first, let's have a little lemonade.  


Thanks to everyone at Fat Quarter Shop, we get to participate in the Layer Cake Lemonade!  And you will be glad you stopped by today.  To celebrate Layer Cakes (one of our favorite Moda pre-cuts), Fat Quarter Shop is giving you a free quilt pattern and video tutorial.  And……all Layer Cakes are 20% off this week!

Here is a look at the pattern:



All of the quilts they made are gorgeous.  But we do have a favorite.  Of course, we are just a little biased.  See the one second from the right.  Yep.  That one is made from our Wishes collection.  And since it is a baby-sized quilt, we think Wishes is perfect.  Not only do the colors fit a boy or girl, Wishes just seems to fit a baby.  You know, because you have so many "wishes" for the new baby.  Get it?  

We even made our own quilt from the Layer Cake Lemonade pattern.  Here is our version:



If you would like to download the pattern click here.  And make sure you check here for the video tutorial.  Especially if you are new to quilting- this pattern is super easy and quick.  So grab yourself  a Layer Cake and make some lemonade of your own!

Now…for the 11th day of our 12 Days of Christmas.  Well, we actually have a surprise for you.  This year there isn't 12 Days of Christmas.  There are 13!  We kind of messed up on our addition- we ended up with one more project than we had days, so we now have a baker's dozen.

Today is for all of you non-sewers out there.  And  we know there are more than a few of you.  We thought it would be fun to design some kitchen towels you can just give- to yourself or someone else- without the stress of making something.   So we are taking a teeny, tiny little break from sewing with these fun kitchen towels.

The first one is all about Christmas (you can click on the picture to make it bigger).



The second one is something you can have out even after Christmas.  Or maybe give it as a hostess gift for Thanksgiving next week.  Which got me thinking.  My sister is hosting Thanksgiving.  It would be kind of funny to wrap up a towel she designed.  Ha ha.  Maybe I will.  


So here is the deal.  You can buy one towel for $7.50, but if you get one of each, they are $6.00 each.  Now think of how many people you can get one for- the mail woman, your Aunt Sophie who has everything else, your sister who is hosting Thanksgiving.  You can find them here.

One more thing.  We are having a contest!  We thought because we are taking a break from the sewing projects today, we would give one of those sewing kits away.  We have 2 days left of our 12 Days of Christmas (which involve sewing projects), but we wanted to know which one has been your favorite so far.  Here are a few choices:

The Monogram Basket:


 The Family Christmas Mini Quilt:



The Christmas Pillowcases:



The Santa Bags:




The Snowman gift bag and mini quilt:






The Embellished Trees:



The Be Merry Basket :


The Snowman Kitchen Towel and Labels:



So if you would like to win one of these kits, just let us know which has been your favorite.  We will choose at the end of this week.  So, if one of the next 2 projects is your favorite, you can come back and enter again!

Everything is available here.

The next two are definitely in my list of favorites.  Can't wait to show them to you.  See you tomorrow!