Day 10!

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It's Friday!  And we are having one more….

Snowman Day!  

This time, it features this guy.


And we thought he was so cute, we couldn't just put him on one thing.  First,  we put him on our ruffle kitchen towel (we know many of you have made oodles of these, so why not one more?):



Then we thought the label would be adorable framed.  We just adhered it to a 5" x 7" piece of fabric.




Then, of course I had to make it personalized.  In fact, my little boy has been bugging me about it all week.  He decided, (all by himself) that he wanted a snowman tag to put on his "Santa Bag" that he chose a couple of days ago:


And about that green hat.  You will notice that in the "brr…cold" design, the snowman doesn't have a hat.  Well, Cash came up behind me while I was designing the snowman.  He pointed to the computer and asked "Where is his hair?".  Hair?  I have never seen a snowman with hair.  So after a couple minutes of negotiating, I talked him into a hat.  And he was great with that.  And after I printed it, I kind of liked the hat, too.  So if you want a personalized label, it will have a green hat.  Unless you don't want it.  We are all about choices!

Finally, we used the image to make a canvas print.  They come in either 8" x 10 or go big and get a 16" x 20".    You can go with the "brr…cold" or get a name or word printed at the bottom instead.  Cash is getting a 16" x 20" with his name for his room.  Remember a couple of days ago when I told you my dream about decorating every room in the house for the holidays, like a Pottery Barn catalog?  And that I could only get these pillowcases done?


Well, now I have two things!  It's all coming together.  Maybe in about 10 years I will have it completed!'

Here is the canvas print:


I do, however, need to get a frame for that.  Just didn't have the time before the photo today.  But I'm sure you can visualize it.

The labels, towel fabric kit, pattern and canvas prints are available now in our store.

We hope you have a great weekend.  We all need a nap.  And if any of you can remember next July to remind us of something, we would be grateful.  We need to start designing, planning, pattern writing, photographing, blogging, instagramming, etc, etc, etc, our 12 Days of Christmas in July.  Not show it in July, but have everything finished and ready to go in July.  Yeah, yeah, that is another dream.  See you Monday!