Day #1!

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

I can’t believe it’s time again for our annual 12 Days of Christmas!  But if we want to actually enjoy Christmas we have to get started.  Plus, you all need time to sew, right?

For the first day, we thought we would update one of our classics.  This product has been one of our most popular items ever, but we wanted to do it in Holly’s Tree Farm.  We call it Holly’s Countdown.


Those little bags are perfect for a small game, little note or a piece of chocolate each day before Christmas.




The kit includes the canvas, fabric, iron-on labels and pattern.  You can also purchase the labels separately.



Here is some general information about our 12 Days of Christmas:

  • You can find our latest project each day here.  At that link, you can also view projects from previous years that we still carry.
  • We will post a new project each day, except for Saturday and Sunday.  Also, we will take a short Thanksgiving break.  Because who has time to sew when you have a turkey in the oven and 26 people coming to your house, right?
  • Some of you wait to the very end and order what you want all together.  That is a great way to do it, but we don’t want you to miss out on something you want.  We don’t run out of labels and patterns, but some of the fabric kits will sell out.  If you would like everything shipped together at the end, just leave us a note on your order to “hold until end”.  We will then ship everything together and refund you the extra shipping costs.
  • Please keep in mind that on most projects, everything is sold separately.  For instance, if we have a stocking project that includes a label, the pattern, label and fabric kit, they will all be offered separately.  This is because if someone wants to make multiple stockings, only one pattern is needed.  If we put everything together, you would have to pay for the pattern multiple times, which isn’t necessary.
  • If you prefer shopping with Etsy, you can find all of the 12 Days projects here.

We have eleven more holiday projects for you- make sure to stop by each day to see what we are up to.   Have a great Thursday!