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Hello!  My name is Jordan.  My mom is one-third of Sweetwater.  Then there is my favorite aunt (she made me say that) and my grandma- they are the rest of Sweetwater.  Sweetwater.  Who came up with that name, anyway?  I would have named it something else.  Something flashy and sparkly.  I like things with bling in them.  Like jeans and belts and jackets.  But there isn’t a whole lot of bling at Sweetwater.

Before I start, we need to get a few things straight.  I get this question all the time:  “Are you crafty like your Mom?”.  First of all, they hate the word “crafty”.  Lots of people call them crafty.  And then they roll their eyes.  But the answer is nope.  I’m not crafty.  I don’t sew and well, I don’t plan on it any time soon.  This is what I like to do.



My most favorite thing in the world is showing livestock.  My other favorite thing is running.  And running.  And running.


But enough about me.  I’m supposed to tell you what it’s like around here when they are getting ready to go to Market.


They aren’t going.  Not this time anyway.  They must love me a lot.  Because I’m the reason they aren’t going.  I have my confirmation at church that weekend and nobody wants to miss it.  Which must be a pretty big deal because they keep on whining about what they are going to miss at market.  Here’s some of what they talk about:

  • “I wonder where the Moda party is?”.  I’ve heard about Moda, but I don’t know about having a huge party with a bunch of quilt women.  Hmm….
  • They are all upset about not seeing some of their favorite people and standing around laughing.  They talk about Barb and Mary, Anne and Sandy.  Lots about Sandy and her Korean movies.  I’m not quite sure they are actually working at market.  I think they are just laughing.
  • They aren’t totally upset about missing School House- whatever that is.  They usually argue about whose turn it is to get up and talk in front of the group.
  • They are totally relieved they don’t have to stress about what they are going to wear.  And their shoes.  I always tell them to throw on a pair of Nikes.  They say “Vanessa wouldn’t do that!”.  This Vanessa girl must be pretty cute because they come home and talk about her cute outfits and that she wears heels all day.
  • I think they are sad they won’t get to drool over Bonnie and Camille’s quilts in person.  They drool over them on Instagram, like everyday.  I’ve heard of Bonnie and Camille.  I’m not sure I could pick them out, but if I’ve heard of them, they must be a pretty popular, right?
  • “I wonder if everybody will forget us”.  Oh my gosh.  Those three just need to chill out.

That’s about all I know concerning what they will be missing at market.  What I do know is that my mom won’t have to stock up on mac and cheese.  The Kraft kind.  My dad is good at a lot of things, but cooking isn’t one of them.  When she is gone, I’ve got mac and cheese duty, and we get tired of it very quickly.  The other thing I know is my mom won’t have to pack a separate suitcase full of sheets and pillows.  My mom has a thing about hotels- she doesn’t like them and insists on bringing her own bedding.  But she has no problem using the towels.  I don’t get what the difference is, but that’s how she is!

Okay I’m done!


Thanks to my sweet niece, Jordan, whom I had to bribe to get her to help me with that.  She wants grebble.  I realize most of you won’t know what that is.  I will tell you:  it is a German recipe for  fried dough twisted in a pretzel-like shape and rolled in sugar.  It is amazingly delicious, but they take hours.  And I will make her some.  When she turns 18.  Or 30.  Whenever I have an extra 6 hours on my hands.

What Jordan said is true, we aren’t going to Spring Market this year and it puts a pit in my stomach.  It is the only time we actually get out from behind our computers and talk to people!  About quilting and fabric that is.  We actually get feedback from a real, live person.  I mean, our husbands can only get so excited about another fabric collection.  They just don’t get it.

Now some of you might think we are getting out of market preparation.  Um, no.  It’s all the same- we just don’t get the fun part of actually going! We have to prepare for this collection, just like we were going to market.  This time, our collection is called Varsity.  There are photos to take:





The quilts need to be designed, constructed, redesigned (ha ha), reconstructed, quilted and bound.



Then there is the ultra fun part of designing the pattern covers and writing the instructions.  Okay, it’s not ultra fun.  There are about a million more steps involved with launching a fabric line, but you get the idea.

What we will be doing while everyone is away at market is making about a zillion blocks for this  Holly’s Tree Farm BOM
quilt for our sweet customers who ordered them.



And then a zillion more for this Feed Company BOM quilt:



And then we are desperately trying to get our “Spirit” quilt done for Varsity.



By the way, it isn’t too late to participate in any of the above quilts.  Just click on these links for more information about the 3 quilts.

Spirit (Varsity Collection)

Feed Company BOM

Holly’s Tree Farm BOM

So that’s what we will be doing while market is going on.  We will also be missing all of you who will be there.  We will definitely miss being a part of the Moda booth and spending time with all our designer friends.  But we will be back in Houston in October!  Jordan is so totally worth it.  Love that girl more than, well, anything!

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