12 Months, 12 Designers, 12 Contests!

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  I’m sure some of you are happy because your team is actually playing.  I plan on watching Super Bowl 50 on my DVR.   That was the greatest game of all time , right?   Okay, I know 99% of you don’t agree, but it sure was a great day for me!  Anyway, if you’re not completely into the Super Bowl, you may be interested in this.

We have a new contest!   This just isn’t any contest.  It is sponsored by Moda and it’s called 12 Months, 12 Designers, 12 Contests. Here the deal. Each month of 2017, the featured designer runs a contest.  The contest rules are decided by the designer, but each contest features amazing prizes.  We have a month to run our contest and we will select winners on March 5th- which means you have until  March 4th to enter.  So, how do you enter the Sweetwater contest?

We decided it would be fun to design our contest around a 6″ block.  Here are the rules:

  • Make any 6″ block that uses Sweetwater fabric.  That’s it, the only rule! You can enter any block you wish.  You can use a traditional quilt square or something of your own design.  Also, any technique can be used- applique, piecing, embroidery, etc.  The only rule is it needs to be from Sweetwater fabric!
  • Take a photo of your block and post it on Instagram.  We are running this contest on Instagram.  If you don’t use Instagram, you are welcome to email mail the photo to us.  On Instagram, you must use the following hashtags to guarantee entry:  #12contestssweetwater  #sweetwaterfabric   Also, tag us with @sweetwaterfabric
  • On May 5th, we will announce 9 winners.  Did I mention prizes?  Not just little prizes.  These prizes are amazing!  We received a box from Moda yesterday full of fabric we can use for prizes.  There are Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, Charm Packs, Fat Quarter Stacks, Fat Eighth Stacks…….so much fabric!  The best part is the fabric is from brand new collections (even some Hometown, Christmas Edition!) We chose to have 9 winners because there are 3 of us.  We will each pick our favorite 3 entries so we will have a total of 9 winners.  We will make our decision based on creativity and use of fabric.
  • You can enter as many blocks as you want.  If you make 398 Sweetwater blocks in the next thirty days, you can enter them all!

So now that you know the rules, here is some help.  Some of you may be new to Sweetwater.  Some of you may be new to quilting! Some of you just used your last 2″ square of Sweetwater fabric and don’t have any more!  Here is where we can help.  Keep in mind that some of you don’t need any help.  You have a few hundred yards of Sweetwater fabric stashed under your bed and you have more patterns than a human could possibly make in a lifetime.  If that is you- use what you have!  But for those of you who need a little help, start here:

A few months ago, we came out with a pattern booklet called “One Block Minis”.  We had so much fun with the minis that me made a few hundred.

one block minis front

The book has instruction to make 11 different blocks in 3 different sizes.  One of those sizes is 6″- perfect for our contest!  Some of you already have this pattern because you received it in one of our Project Sweetwater boxes.  If you would like the pattern, you can order it here.  This is a physical pattern and not a download.  However, if you want to get started now for free, we are offering a download for two blocks.  Click here to get those instructions.

For those of you that don’t have any Sweetwater fabric (and even for those that have those 100 yards), we created a special contest pack to get you started.  Each pack includes three pieces of fabric, 1/6 yard each (1/2 yard total).  That should be plenty to make a 6″ block.   Also in the pack is one of our iron-on labels.  Some of you have used our labels before, but we wanted to include one in the pack in case you have never tried using one.  They are so much fun, and with a little creativity, they can make a 6″ block even cuter!  Please keep in mind, you don’t need to use the label for the contest pack- it’s just something fun to try.

Here are the labels that comes in the pack:


For the contest pack, we are giving you choices.  You choose your favorite Sweetwater shade and your pack will come with two coordinating fabrics in that color plus a cream fabric.  The exact prints will vary, but here is just some of the fabric we are using in the packs. Notice there is a lot of Sunday Supper – which will be in stores in a few short weeks!








Here is what a sample pack looks like if you choose green:


And here’s a little inspiration for the labels.



To recap, if you have everything in your stash needed to make a 6″ Sweetwater block, you are set.  There is no need to purchase anything more to enter the contest.

If you need a little help getting started, you can do one or more of the following:

  • Download two sample block instructions here.
  • Order our “One Block Minis” pattern here (includes instructions for 11 different blocks).
  • Order our “Contest Pack” which includes Sweetwater fabric and a Sweetwater iron-on label.

I know that was a lot of information for a little contest so hopefully I made everything clear.  After you finish your block, remember to post it to Instagram with the following hashtags:  #12contestssweetwater  #sweetwaterfabric   Also, tag us with @sweetwaterfabric

One more thing.  Last summer when we came out with the “One Block Minis”, we displayed them on the cutest little clipboards.


We had about a zillion requests for the clipboards.  It took us a while, but we finally have them available to purchase.  Keep in mind that they come in a kit so you can finish them anyway you wish- stain, paint, decoupage, chalkboard paint…..



The best part is that they perfectly display your 6″ block.  You can order a few to make a grouping or just one and change the mini whenever you make a new one.  The clipboard kits are available here.

Have fun with your blocks.  Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Almost forgot- here is a little incentive to get started now.  Just a sample of the prizes.  Thank you Moda!