Winner and free coaster pattern

In Contests, Quilting by Lisa Burnett

After a weekend of dodging tornados, we are ready for a new week!  On Saturday night we had to keep our eyes peeled to the skies as 3 different storms rolled through with rain, funnel clouds, hail and wind. Welcome to June in Colorado! 

On to the announcement of the winner of the bag from last weeks contest.  Using the random integer website,  #52 or Kari Fuks is the lucky winner of the bag.  Kari wrote –

would use them as "mommy away" bags. Whenever my husband and I go on vacation without kids, we leave a little present for them to open each day we are gone. In the present, is also a note like "find a rock today" Then, when we return, they have a small collection to show us and the stories of how they found each item is always very amusing. The small burlap bags could be used to put their treasures in. Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc etc. Then they would have a fun opening the bags and taking out their findings to show us!

Kari's idea is great because I know who hard it is to leave children at home for an extented period of time and this would definitely help the process!!