What To Do With An Old Window

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Remember the post about my mom falling off a table while hanging an old window a few weeks ago?  Well, I decided to do something a little less dangerous with another window she received from a friend (although I have yet to hang it up).    I saw this idea in a photography book and I have been wanting to do it for awhile- I just didn't have the perfect window.  Yesterday, I finally finished it!  Sorry about the awful glare from the glass in the photo.

Tn_cash pic2

Tn_cash pic1
Tn_cash pic3
Tn_cash pic4

The concept is pretty simple- just cut a piece of foam core the size of the opening in your window and fill it with photos.  However, it is a little harder than it looks.  Making everything fit was like a puzzle. The first 3/4 of the project took about 1/2 hour, while the last corner took me at least 3 hours.  If you want to try this, make sure you have a variety of sizes- 4" x 6", 3" x 5", 5" x 7".  It also helps to lay out all your photos first before adhering them to the foam core. 

Now for the hanging part.  I think I will just ask my husband!

Oh- for those of you wanting to know where my sister got her red dot wrapping paper, it was at Michael's.  Hope you can find some!

-posted by Lisa