What is a bunting?????

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I have a confession to make – No one at Sweetwater knew what a bunting was until about 2 months ago!  When we designed Sunkissed we also designed a quilt called Summer Breeze 
Tn_sunsummer breeze1 
We showed it on our blog and someone commented about the bunting.  We asked each other , "What is a bunting?" No one knew. We didn't think much about it until more and more people kept talking about the bunting.  Still, we had no clue what it was.  It was killing us – what is a bunting????? Finally, we looked it up in the dictionary and light bulb moment!  It is the flag banner!  So we have our blog readers to thank for enlightening us on a new word – THANKS!!!!

So why are we talking about a bunting?  Because we have a new project featuring a bunting (flag banner!).
Tn_IMG_0571 copy 
This is our feature for the March Label Crew Club.  With Easter on its way this will make the perfect Easter pail!
Tn_IMG_0566 copy 
Tn_IMG_0569 copy 
When you join the label crew club you will receive the pattern for the fun pail,
fun iron on labels, and
Tn_IMG_0575 copy 
a fun personalized label – find out more info here!

Be sure to join us tomorrow – it is our turn for Pillow Talk.  A giveaway is in the makings!