We’re Back….

In Life by Lisa Burnett

After our most favorite week of the year, we are finally back to work.  It's sort of nice to get back to the routine, but I always get so sad when the fair is over.  Not only do we have to wait another 51 weeks for the best week of the year, but school starts next week.  I think I am more sad than the kids.  I honestly get a pit in my stomach when I hear the words "back to school".  I'm sure it is because I didn't particularly like school when I was younger.  But I really enjoy spending time with my niece and nephew in the summer- and now they will be gone all day.  Oh well.  It happens every year. 

Before we go 100% back to quilting, here are a few fair pics.  Jordan is our only child who is old enough to be in 4-H, but next year Bryce will be old enough to show, too.  Can't wait for that.  




So now here is some information you may be interested in.  While we were gone last week, we received a few hundred copies of our book!   We will get all of your orders out this week.  Hope you enjoy it!