Welcome To The Treehouse….

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

It’s here!  Our latest fabric collection.  We call it The Treehouse Club.  And it all started with a t-shirt.  Last year on a rare trip to the mall, we spotted the cutest little boy’s graphic shirt that read “The Treehouse”.  That was it- the inspiration to our new collection.  We had always wanted to follow up the only other kids’ line we have done- Lucy’s Crab Shack- with something just as fun.  But we also wanted to make sure it wasn’t too juvenile that it couldn’t be used for all kinds of quilts.  It was also a departure from the more limited color palettes we have been using lately (Volume II, First Crush, Elementary).  Hope you like it!  One thing I’m sad about.  We had big plans of photographing this line in a grove of trees with an actual tire swing. The only problem is the wind will not quit blowing.  So unless we wanted to wait until July, we had to scrap that idea!

This is the blue/red combo.  A couple of prints that make me smile- the top one with the little club houses.  When they are arranged back to back, it looks like a quilt pattern.  I also love the third one down- we call it tire swings.



This is the orange and gray.  We don’t get to use orange a whole lot in our collections, but I love it.  Orange makes everything happy!


Speaking of happy, here is the yellow:




The cutest little flower.



The text fabric teaches you how to construct the perfect tree house.  Not sure those plans will ever be actually used, but it will be cute to sew with!


This piece includes many of the designs in the collection, all in one print.




The pre-cuts are super cute with that print on top.








Here is the collection of club houses:


And tire swings:


This print is my absolute favorite.  What is a tree without leaves?


So which print and/or colorway is your favorite?  Let us know by leaving a comment and you could be the winner of a pre-cut!

We will let you know who the winner is in a few days- after we get those Project Sweetwater- Volume II boxes out!  Oh, and of course we will have a Project Sweetwater for The Treehouse Club.  Details coming!

I almost forgot!  This line is being shown to stores right now, with a delivery date of August.

Have a great day.