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In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

Sunday Supper.  Today is the day!  We finally get to unveil our newest collection.  We call it Sunday Supper.  And we love it.  Well, we love it now.  When we were in the process of designing, we didn’t love it so much.  Usually, the design process is the easiest part of a new collection.  I can’t say that was the case with this one.  We had a totally different idea in mind when we started.  I won’t tell you what the idea was, because we may (probably not) revisit it another time.  It actually was a good idea, but we just couldn’t get it to work.  And then we couldn’t let it go, because the idea had been in our minds for a few months.  It’s really hard to let go of an idea you have your mind set to.  But….there are deadlines, and deadlines make you act.  Quickly.  A few days before the deadline, we finally let go of the original idea and started over with something new.  Designing a complete collection in 48 hours is stressful.  But I’m so happy we changed our minds!  Sometimes the best things are totally unexpected.  So, here is Sunday Supper.

I love the name.  It reminds me of one of my favorite Kenny Chesney songs called “I Go Back”.  If you’re not a fan, you probably won’t know the line.  But because I am a huge fan, I can just tell you the line- “I go back…. to the smell of Sunday chicken after church…”.  If you haven’t heard the song, you probably think that is a silly line.  But it really reminds me of what I smelled after church on Sunday.  Our Sunday meal was always roast and potatoes.  And it was lunch, not supper.  But Sunday Lunch doesn’t really sound like a great name for a fabric collection, right?

Anyway, the collection celebrates all good things that happen on Sunday.  Except football.  It really doesn’t celebrate football, but that’s okay!  We started with the idea of China dishes.  I love blue and white plates.  And what better day to use your fancy dishes than on Sunday?  So the first color we decided on was a pretty navy blue.



Here is a closer look at the navy.  My two most favorite prints of the whole collection are in here.  The navy crosses and my favorite hymn, “Amazing Grace”, in fabric!  I’m also partial to the vine flowers in the lower left.



After the navy, we wanted another shade of blue.  We thought this shade of aqua was perfect with the navy.


We almost stopped there- with just the navy and the aqua.  And I would have loved just the two color collection.  But we had second thoughts.  Maybe green would bring everything to life.  And it did.


I love the navy and green together.



But we didn’t stop with green.  We added just a touch of yellow.  Love.



Then we always like to include a neutral.  This time it is a grey/taupe color. It’s not really grey, because it has warm undertones.  And it’s not really taupe, because it doesn’t have enough brown in it.  I didn’t really know what to call it.  My sister suggested “ecru”, so I guess that is what we will go with!



Here are some more pictures.





Now for the quilts!  We are working on more projects, but we don’t have everything finished just yet (included a Project Sweetwater box).  We call this one Sunday Flowers:



This one is called “Brick by Brick”.



As always, we are offering the quilt kits as a pre-order.  You can do that here.  The deadline for pre-ordering the kits is November 25th.  The fabric will arrive in March!

We are off to Quilt Market in Houston this week, where we will be showing Sunday Supper for the first time.  However, we can part with a pre-cut, so if you would like to win one, just leave a comment letting us know your favorite print or colorway in the collection.

Hope you love Sunday Supper as much as we do!  Have a great week!