Welcome to Fort Morgan, Colorado

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and to our day at the Moda Blog Hop.  I know what you are thinking,  Colorado – they must ski a lot and when they aren't skiing they are probably nestled up sitting by their fireplace in their log cabin.  Wrong!  We actually live on the flat eastern plains of Colorado where you can see for miles and miles.  I am excited to show you around our town and would like to start with my favorite place to eat – It's always all about the food isn't it!?!? 

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 Cables serves the best fried pickles and we eat them waaaaaay more than we should! My next favorite treat would be at the local Dairy Queen for a blizzard (I have noticed that this month they are on sale -buy 1 get the second for 99 cents!)

If you walk a little further  down the street you will find our Main Street

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and then a  little further to the east you will find my most favorite house in town –

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My House!  (Just kidding only in my dreams!)  Then  comes my second favorite house in town –

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(my sisters house – just kidding again!) These houses were both for sale a while back and boy oh boy did I want to own them but #1 they were way out of my price range and #2 I don't think the neighbors would enjoy our pigs and sheep as much as we do! If you came to my house for a visit this is what you would actualy find

a bunch of corn

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tons of hay

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and a whole lot of these critters –

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oh and don't forget this

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the great kosha weed! Do you want to hear the sad part about this photo?  I am the owner of this very kosha weed!  These puppies grow like wild you don't even have to water them.  After they have blessed you all summer long with their beautiful green color they turn brown and become the ever popular tumbleweed!  Some people have gotten creative and have turned their tumbleweeds into Christmas Trees .  If you would like, I have many that I can part with.  If you send me a self addressed stamped envelope I would be happy to send one your way!

Enough about the tumbleweed!  I will end my tour of Fort Morgan on a more postive note –  We do have a couple claims to fame right here in Fort Morgan.  The first one is the great jazz musician Glenn Miller who spent some of his childhood here


and the second star is much more recent.  Joel Dreessen the Tight End for the Denver Broncos grew up and went to HIgh School right here in Fort Morgan.


That about sums it up for Fort Morgan.  Please don't forget to visit Kathy Schmitz and Vanessa Christensen today as well!

We do have a project that we would like to share on this tour and it features our newest line (which I just found out is shipping now!) Mama Said Sew –

Tn_sweetwater table runner
The pattern for this fun and easy table runner can be found here. Now for some more fun!  Moda has graciously sent us some precuts of Mama Said Sew to be given away to some of you.  Just leave us a little comment about your favorite spot in your hometown and you will be entered to win!  The winners will be announced on September 15th.