We Need Your Help…Again!

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

Remember a long, long time ago.  Like 2010?  That seems like forever ago.  But, anyway, in 2010, we asked you to help us out a bit.  We were designing our “Hometown” collection and needed you to submit your hometown.  This was the result.

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Loved, loved, loved that fabric.  Well, now, we have another project.  Can’t say if it is fabric or not- because, you know, we do top-secret, FBI, CIA- type of stuff around here.  Just kidding.  It is fabric.  But this time, we need the name of your favorite quilt shop.  Yep, that’s what we need.  And where it’s located.  Just city and state.  Or country if you are one of our foreign friends.  And it can be an online shop, too.  And if you own a shop, make sure to submit it!

I have no idea what this is all going to look like.  We are still in that process- but I’m thinking it will look pretty cool.  Well, it better.  Or it probably won’t be fabric!

So here is what you need to do.

  • Leave a comment letting us know your favorite quilt shop, city and state.
  • Please keep it to just one shop.  I know lots of you have many shops you love.  But it is only fair to keep it to one.
  • Forget about it.  Well, not forever.  But for a long time.  Don’t expect to see this anytime soon.  Not years or anything.  But months.  Definitely months.
  • You only have until next Friday, February 13th.  After that, I can’t guarantee yours will be included.  I will try, but I can’t guarantee it!

One more thing.  If you received your Label Crew kit this week and would like a kit, they are available here.  It is the first time we will be shipping anything with Feed Company fabric!



Have a great weekend.  First weekend without football.  What am I ever going to do???!!!!!!  Oh yeah, I’ve got fabric to design!