Washing Dishes

In Design by Lisa Burnett

is an everyday event and especially during the Christmas season! If you are like me, my t-towels look pretty shabby.  I should of taken a picture of them but then I thought that I really didn't want to embarass myself so I refrained from doing so.  These refreshing and cute t-towels would make a great hostess gift or would help to replace the shabby ones that you have at your own house!

Tn_IMG_0347 copy 
We are selling each t-towel seperately.  In the kit you get a finished t-towel and the iron on label.  We have three to choose from

December 25
Tn_IMG_0364 copy 

Tn_IMG_0356 copy 

and Joy
Tn_IMG_0366 copy 

Find them here!