Two Hundred and Eighty-Three

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

I just came up with that number in my head (and my fingers).  283.  That is how many days are left before Christmas (I may not be totally accurate, but I think it is close).  However, our new line "Countdown to Christmas" has waaaaaaaay fewer days than that.  In just a few weeks, it will be shipped to stores.  Which means we better get our buns in gear.  As in, we have patterns to finish.  The quilts are done (except for the binding, which explains why I can't show you full pictures of them), but we have pictures and graphics to do.  Just thought I would give you a peek.  You know, there is nothing like dreaming about Christmas on um…St. Patrick's Day.  At least there is green in there!


Speaking of sneak peeks, next week is big for us.  It will be like Christmas in March.  Because next week we should receive our fabric from our newest line- which we haven't shared with anyone yet.  This will be our fall line- due out around September. We will get our cameras warmed up.  See you then!