Today is a good, good day!

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Do you remember the sad story that we told about our floor mat that we left at Quilt Market?????  Guess what? We got it back!!!!!!!!!  We got an e-mail the other day from Debbie Outlaw with Moda and she said that she was sending the floor mat back to us.  We were so, so happy – that e-mail saved the day. Tn_IMG_1233 copy
Here's the nice box
Tn_IMG_1236 copy
and the lost floor mat all wrapped up neatly in a roll!
Tn_IMG_1240 copy
Once we unrolled the mat, the kids thought that it would make a great swimming pool.  I think that the heat must be getting to them!

The other exciting part of the day – Both boys got a haircut (mine and my sisters).  My sister always says how awful her little boy is during a haircut.  Fluffy (we call Cash Fluffy when his hair gets long) was in need of a haircut so I volunteered to give him one.  I mean how bad could it really be??  I have heard all of the screaming from my own son.  I was expecting the worst but in all reality he was a perfect angel!!
The tic tacs and sucker did help but the kid did not move a muscle.  I don't know what my sister was talking about???  Which got me thinking that she should have been cutting my son's hair.  I am thinking that children will behave better with someone else – Am I right??? or was I just lucky today???  After I got done with Cash my son Bryce was all excited about getting a haircut – that never happens either but I will take it!
 Hoping you are having a good, good day too!