The Week Of The Pit

In Life by Lisa Burnett

This week is always the worst week of the year for me.  I have a pit in my stomach and it's not really explainable except for this:  The kids have to go back to school tomorrow.  I don't know why it causes me distress- it's not even my kid that has to go to school.  I think it's just the memory of never wanting to go back to school.  And because summer is almost over.  The thought of cold and snow makes my pit bigger.  This also made my pit bigger:


This was just last night at Hobby Lobby.  Christmas.  Isles and isles of Christmas.  Noooooooooo!  It is August, people.  Cash didn't seem to mind.  He would like to have Christmas every day.


I'll get over the pit.  I always do- it just takes a few weeks. Actually, something came by UPS today that helps.  New fabric.  Brand, spanking new.  Our next collection (after Mama Said Sew) is here.  I think it is my favorite collection we have done.  We are just unpacking and getting it ready to photograph.  We should have a sneek peek later this week!