The Summer Blahs

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I've got them.  The blahs.  Which is strange because it is summer, which is by far my favorite time of the year.  I'm kind of blah about everything, including, unfortunately work.  For about a week, I don't feel as if I have one creative bone in my body.  Yesterday we kind of looked at each other and thought, what are we doing, anyway?  Generally, we have about 10 projects going on at one time, thinking about our next fabric collection and trying to get around to about 100 different ideas that we have in our head.  But right at this moment, I've got nothing.  

Don't get me wrong.  We do have projects that we are working on.  Some really good things I'm totally excited about (can't tell you yet!).  I'm just having a little motivation problem.  I've decided it is because, even though we got back from our Disney vacation a couple of weeks ago, I still wish we were there.  And knowing that it was soooooooooooo expensive, it will be a very long time before we go back!  So because I'm missing my vacation, I thought I would show you a few pictures.

Before we even got to Disneyland, we spend a couple of days at Huntington Beach.  Knowing that my husband and son usually spend their summers in a corn field, this was a refreshing change.  My son even forgot all about tractors once he saw the ocean for the first time.

One of my biggest goals was to have a photo session at the beach right before sunset.  I drug my huge expensive camera and lenses along just for this purpose.  


Ok, so there is one photo.  That was about it.  My little boy wasn't very cooperative.  This is what I get:


Or this:


If he knows I'm taking pictures, he can't just act natural.  I don't want a cheesy smile or something posed, I just want him to do what he usually does.  But he won't.  He just stands around making silly faces.  Until I put the camera away and then he's fine.  So I decided not to fight it and just have fun instead of worrying about the photos.  From that time on, I only used my iPhone camera.  By the way, I wasn't in the pictures because my husband couldn't quite figure out my camera.  I set it all up for him, all he had to do was push the button, but for some reason everything he took was about a 100 different shades of fuzzy.

So here are just some random iPhone shots from our trip:








Ok- that should about do it.  I'm officially not on vacation anymore.  Which means it's back to Sweetwater. In fact, we have a summer project series that we will start in a few days.  And a contest.  Just need to figure out what to give away!  See you soon!