The Porch

In Decorating, Design, Favorite Things by Lisa Burnett

My mom has always wanted a screened-in porch.  And now she actually has one!  It may be my most favorite part of her house.  A perfect night would be curling up on the daybed and watching the latest episode of "The Bachelor".  Guess I just did that.  Perfect night.  

Anyway, I thought I would show you what she has done with it.  It isn't quite finished- she still needs to paint a little (as you will see in the photos), and add a few more accessories.  But this is what she has so far.  

The favorite spot is the daybed:


Especially for this guy.  Who, by the way, turns 10 today!  I took this a few days ago when he had a 3 hour nap.  Yes 3 hours for a ten year old.  He was a tired boy!



This is on the opposite wall.  I'm hoping she will make me an "America" sign.  Probably not going to happen.


Here is a table she made.  We have lunch on it quite regularly.


Love the chairs.  I am kind of obsessed with the whole industrial design trend going on.


Got this cute little fan at Walmart.  Yes, I said it.  Walmart.


The red stools- not sure where she got those.


Same with the rug.  Who knows where she got it.  But it is really cute!


This chair has been many colors.  I think it was last a dark brown.  But I really like the pretty blue color she painted it.


Ok.  Think I've been at my computer too long.  My turn on the daybed!