The perfect day –

In Life, Quilting by Lisa Burnett

We have been waiting for the perfect day to do a BIG photo shoot for a project that we are working on. You know one with NO wind, a little cloud cover but still a little warm.  Well, with the weather that we have been experiencing we just decided that the perfect day would be one without wind gusts of 30 mph and above. Wish we could tell you more about the photo shoot and show you some photos from it but the only one we can show is –

Tn_IMG_0910 copy 
This was some portable shade that we used and all I could think of is that my mom was starting to look like Mary Poppins! And another thought that kept running through my head was from Winnie the Pooh – tut tut it looks like rain.   We promise we will tell you more about this project – someday!  We have also been working on another project that I can tell you about —

Many of you were wanting the patterns that we have for some kits that we have listed on our Etsy site.  We have been listening and are offering them as a download – you can find them here!

Have a super day – it looks like we are going to have another day without wind gusts of 30 mph or above!