The Perfect Day (plus the button winner)

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Monday was perfect.  The kids had Spring Break, it was over 70 degrees and the wind did not blow- well it blew a little, but nothing like our regular wind. We finally got outside and I just had to take some pictures of the kids.  Good thing.  It snowed the rest of the week.

Cash and his ice cream.  No day would be perfect without it.

Tn_cash 2010 m6
Bryce and Jordan played basketball.  I love basketball, (even though I haven't played since high school (which was a looooooooooong time ago) so I joined them.  The best part was when Bryce exclaimed "you're gooder than my mom".  Which I replied, "Yep.  I sure am gooder than your mom".  Forgive the vocabulary, I thought it was too cute to correct him.   I also thought it was pretty funny that Bryce plays with his gloves on.  I didn't even notice until I looked at the pictures!

Tn_cash 2010 m4

Tn_cash 2010 m5
Cash was in absolute heaven.  Not only did he get to be outside, but Bryce and Jordan were home all week and able to play with him.  I don't know who was happier- him or me!

Tn_cash 2010 m3
Tn_cash 2010 m2
Tn_cash 2010 m1

Okay- on to the button winner.  The lucky entry is Dianne who wrote:

oh my gosh…i have no words for the cuteness

Dianne was picked randomly, but she didn't say what style was her favorite.  So Dianne, when you e-mail us at and let us know your address, let us know which style you like best.

Have a great weekend!

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