The Gift that Almost Wasn’t

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I hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas!  We sure have! Between family gatherings and stuffing our bellies we have had a very blessed Christmas.  My mom hosted Christmas at her house and right when I got there I noticed that she had made some new pot holders.  They looked so fresh and clean and my desire to have such a crisp clean potholder made me say, "I hope you made me some for Christmas."  She said that she hadn't made me any potholders but she did make us something but she didn't wrap it and wasn't even sure if she was going to give it to us because she wasn't sure we would like it.  She said she would show us later. OK but I knew in the back of my mind that it would be fantastic.  We ate our delicious meal and the kids were itching to open up presents.  My sister wasn't finished wrapping my present yet so she made me hide in the corner of the kitchen while she brought the unwrapped gifts for me in the house.  While she was bringing it in all I could hear my 9 year old son saying was "That's a gift!?!?"  That got me thinking – I wonder what it is???

This is what it was - 

Tn_IMG_0280 copy

The other day my mom, sister, and myself were in a very cute antique shop in Eaton, CO  and saw this cool piece of architecture.  I instantly fell in love with it!  I am thinking that it was a window over a front door and the numbers were the address of the house.  When I saw it I thought I would just scrape those numbers off and put my own address on it.  The only problem with this piece is that I had just spent my cash on a table I found there so I had to leave it behind.  My mom and sister took pitty on me and bought it for me for Christmas! Thank You, Thank You! 

Being pleased and punch with my new gift I had forgot about the present that my mom said she had made but later that day she brought up this and handed it to me - 

Tn_IMG_0275 copy

I could not believe that my mom thought that I wouldn't like this – I LOVE IT!!  The funny thing about this sign is that we saw something like it at that same cute antique store but it wasn't for sale.  My mom replicated it and I adore it!!  I sure am glad she brought it out of its hiding place!

Enjoy your day and your family this Christmas Season!