Sweet Jordan

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Happy Friday!  Today we are so excited to be a part of Fat Quarter Shop's 2014 Designer Mystery Block of the Month.  



Although we aren't showing our individual block, we are allowed to share a few pics of the finished quilt.

 DM Quilt 2


This year, the designer mystery quilt is all about stars.  Our instructions were to design a star block and dedicate it to a "star".  Hmmm….that was kind of tough.  The star part.  I don't really know any "stars".  I would like to know some stars-

Jennifer Aniston, Peyton Manning,  Kenny Chesney, The Pioneer Woman.  But I really don't want to dedicate a quilt block to any of them.  Then…. 

I read the instructions again.  Now I get it.  We are to dedicate it to a "star" in our lives.  That makes a whole lot more sense, and it makes it easy.  I just looked across my desk, and there she was.  Usually I look across my desk and see my sister.  But not today.  It was my sister's daughter, Jordan.  The only girl we have between the two of us.  I realize that she isn't actually mine, but I would definitely claim her as mine.  She is the sweetest girl in the whole world.  Hence, Sweet Jordan.


Now, just so you know, we think our boys are stars, too.  But she was the one I saw first, and besides, the farmer boys probably don't want a quilt block named after them anyway!

I was sooooo excited the day she was born.  And ecstatic she was a girl.  Much to my sister's dismay, I never wanted to put her down.  I insisted on carrying her everywhere.  Like she was my doll.  I can't remember the last time I carried her.  It was years ago, and if I knew then it was the last time, I'm sure I would have broke down crying.  Kind of like I'm doing now.  

I know I'm biased, but she was the sweetest, most beautiful baby.





 She has great big dimples, just like her mom.  She really is sweet to everybody, even though she is now almost 14.  Jordan is always smiling, always kind and always friendly.  

Not only is she sweet, she loves everything I love.  For instance, sports.  More specifically, the Broncos.  We text each other every thirty seconds during games. 


Next, she loves showing animals in 4-H.  And since my only child absolutely hates animals, she gives me so much joy just being able to watch her.



There is never a day when I don't want to see her.  She is always a ray of sunshine.  Her mom wouldn't say "always" because she is a teenaged girl.  But she "always" is to me!

So just because we love the same things, and she is cute and adorable, what really makes her a star happened a long time ago.  Something no kid should ever have to go through.

When Jordan was 5 years old, her 2 year old brother was diagnosed with cancer.  


Which, of course makes him a huge star.  And I could write a whole book about him.  But what happens to the siblings of kids with cancer isn't easy.  And that fact isn't lost on the doctors and nurses at Children's Hospital.  They gave her the title of "Super Sib".  

Everything she knew about the world changed that day.  And it is hard for a 5 year old to understand that.  All of the sudden her brother and parents were at the hospital seeminly all the time.  All of the sudden her brother needed more attention, more time, more of everything from her mom and dad.  All of the sudden her family didn't get to go to the normal, everyday places they used to go to.  All of the sudden her routine and her life turned upside down.



And even though everything around her had changed, she continued to be the sweet Jordan she always was. She was a great big sister and her smile continued to light up the room.  And  years later when there was a celebration when Bryce completed his last treatment, the celebration was for Jordan, too.  


Now she is 13 and her brother is 10.  And they are just regular sibling- one minute fighting and the next getting along.

IMG_0624 copy





And that is why she is my star.  Our beautiful, adorable, brave sweet Jordan.

Thanks to Fat Quarter shop for letting us participate in the Designer Mystery Block of the Month.  Make sure to also visit the following designers today to read about their stars:

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And hop on over to Fat Quarter Shop's blog for a chance to a gift certificate to FQS!  

One more thing- be sure to visit us next week.  We are counting down to Easter- and have some cute projects to show you!  Have a great weekend!