Surprise! A Very Good Day…

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

We were so happy when the UPS man came today.  Usually he brings us something boring- office supplies, paper, pattern covers.  But today was a very good day.  New fabric.  New.  Brand spankin' new.  So new, nobody has ever seen it (except the fine people at Moda).  We know stores haven't even gotten yardage of Pure yet, but we always have to look to what's next.  This is what is next for us.  It's called Sunkissed.  And it is my favorite collection we have ever designed. I know I always say that, but this time I'm serious.

We stacked them and took photos today.  They look so good all together, patterns and colors all mixed up.  But we thought it would be more fun (for us) to just let you see a little at a time.  So for the next few days, expect to see a glimpse of Sunkissed.  When you see them all, we will have a contest and you can win some.  Today we are posting photos of the words (we love words).  Colors for this collection include green, orange, yellow, pink and gray.  My guess is that it should be out sometime in January-February.  I hope it will help you look forward to spring!


More tomorrow!  Have a great Monday.