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I know it seems as if we are on Summer vacation.  Actually, we're not.  I just can't seem to find anything blog worthy to post about this week.  Anything sewing-related, anyway.  We are working on the next Label Crew project and we should have a sneak peek up next week.   Plus we are working on upcoming projects but nothing is finished so we can't post them.

So since I have nothing exciting in the quilting/fabric/etsy shop department, I will share a bit of news that is really exciting.  Especially to my mom.   She and my dad are building a new house.  Well, they're not exactly building it- their contractor, Bob (whom my little boy calls "Bob the Builder"), is.  

I think my mom has been planning this house her whole life.  They started in March with this:


Here are some images of the progress so far:


Tn_misc 245

Tn_misc 246

Tn_misc 244

And now it looks like this:


Well, actually it has shingles on the roof now, but I don't have a picture.

Her challenge is to make this new house look like it isn't so new.  Like it has character.  So it doesn't look like every other house on the block.  So, she has a stack of decorating books and magazines that reach the ceiling, and she spends a lot of time on pinterest and  

We will show you the progress.  It is supposed to be done in September.  We will see about that.

Meanwhile, I will try to find something blog worthy to post about that has something to do with Sweetwater!