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As some of you know we moved our office to my mom's new house at the end of November.  What an experience that was!  20 plus years of STUFF!!!!!  All sorts of stuff –

some stuff got thrown away (ok a lot of stuff)
some stuff I don't ever want to see again 
some stuff we found we never knew we had or forgot we had it
some stuff was treasured and we will not part with
some stuff is still there
and some stuff was found in plastic bins that we decided to sell

This is the kinda stuff I am talking about –

Tn_IMG_0340 copy
Snowman bunting

There are over 50 different items that we are offering. We usually sell the kit, the pattern, the fabric, etc. This time it is the real thing!  No sewing needed on these items.  None of the items that we are selling have been used they are all brand spankin' new.  Many times we have made additional items of our patterns or we have experimented with items that never become a pattern.  These items all end up in our plastic tubs and we decided it was time to part with some of them.  You can find them all on our etsy shop!  I'm not done going through the plastic tubs so I know there will be more items listed soon!!

Also on Etsy today are the kits for our latest Label Crew Project!


 Enjoy your evening!!