Something to make you smile ….

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Last week I was outside doing chores in  -29 degrees weather.  While doing chores I looked down at my hair and every little piece of my hair that was not under my stocking hat was pure white with ice and no I didn't go outside with wet hair everything was instantly turning to ice.  I remember thinking to myself, "I HATE WINTER!".  And then, I get to work that same day and this cute little picture was e-mailed to me from Joanne Humphrey who happens to live in Australia where it was over 100 degrees that day (I was sooooo jealous!).  This little octopus just made me smile and made me remember that summer will be here soon!
She not only made 1 little octopus from our Make Life fabric but a whole family –

Thanks Joanne for making us smile!

P.S.  The pattern for this cute little Octopus can be found on Moda Bake Shop!