Some Silly Things To Be Thankful For + A New Kit

In Favorite Things, Life, Quilting by Lisa Burnett

I know tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I will remember all the big things I'm thankful for (family, God, our military, health, etc.), but this Thanksgiving Eve, I thought I would think about the little things in life that make me happy.

  • My sports teams.  All from Denver- you know the Broncos, Nuggets, Rockies.  They are my escape and I would be one sad girl if I didn't have a game to look forward to.  Even when they are awful, I still love them.
  • Bread.  I would rather be hung upside down by my toenails than be on the Atkins diet.  I love my carbs.  I actually made bread yesterday because I had a headache.  And yes, it cured my headache.  (Okay, maybe it was the Tylenol, but I've convinced myself it was the bread).
  • Talk Radio.  My poor little boy.  He has listened to way more talk radio than the Disney Kid's Channel (is there one?).  But I have decided when he is old enough to ask me to turn the station, I will.  But for now, it is my happy time. 
  • Kenny Chesney.  I do love country music.  Always have.  And he is my favorite.  Right after my husband, of course. 
  • Summer.  I dream of summer.  I live for summer.  I adore all things summer.  Which means I'm not too fond of the current season- but I'll stay positive.  I love summer.
  • The Bachelor.  I know it's stupid.  I know they will never stay together.  I know that no girl should think that this one guy is the last guy on earth and she should do anything to get him.  So- I really don't know why I like it.  I just can't quit watching it.

It is getting late, and I have a kit to show you, but I could go on and on.  So, why don't you let us know the silliest thing in your life you are thankful for?

Okay, so about that kit.  I told you we had more ideas than our 12 Days of Christmas had days, so here is our next holiday project.

Tn_gift tags1

Tn_gift tags2
Tn_gift tags3 
Our Holiday Gift Tag Kit includes fabric, buttons, crochet thread and the iron on fabric labels to create 6 tags.  There are three tags that have a "to" and "from" section that can be filled in using a pigma pen.  The labels can also be purchased separately.  To view and purchase the kit, click here.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  See you on Friday.

-posted by Lisa