So the big joke –

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at our house is my flowers.  I always have high hopes every year.  I so desire to have beautiful, abundant pots of flowers scattered throughout my yard.  And everyone in my family knows that by the time July 4th rolls around all that will be left of my flowers are just brown stems sticking out of the pots.  This year, will be different!!!!!!

Tn_IMG_1113 copy 
See they are still alive!

Here's my secret –
Tn_IMG_1115 copy 
My wonderful husband hooked them up to an automatic watering system – Thanks Honey!
In my defense I know they need water, but it just didn't always get done on a timely manner. 
Now only one thing to contend with – THE WIND!
Tn_IMG_1114 copy 
 See this little flower – it has been beat to death by the wind.  Sorry little flower I can't control the wind!  I am just hoping and praying for some nice calm no wind days!

The one thing that is no joke is that Christmas is coming – only 6 more months left!!!  So we want you to be prepared!  We have listed our Countdown to Christmas patterns and precuts on etsy – go ahead get a step ahead for Christmas!
Tn_IMG_1172 copy 
Tn_IMG_1170 copy 


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Have a great day and Good Luck with your flowers this summer!!!